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WW1 Austro-Hungarian Naval Officer's Dirk, Sold

In good condition, a super rare WW1 Austro-Hungarian Naval Officer's Dirk with Hungarian Coat of Arms.

image T28 WW1 Austro Hungarian Naval Officers Dirk

Sold Item Notice

11 Inch blade with coat of arms for Hungary and fouled anchor etched on opposite sides, complete with Hungarian coat of arms stamp, in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The blade has been later etched towards the point with, we believe, the original officer's name and year ("Paloc Zsigmond" 1928) and some smaller script "kapitany urnak" (Lord Captain), so we believe this is when he died. The hilt bearing the Hungarian coat of arms is very good, as is the ivorine grip and associated grip wire bindings. The gilt brass sheath with Neptune head and fouled anchor is in good shape. The dirk sheaths and draws a little loosely, so the original wooden liner slats have gone. The locking pin mechanism works well.

Rare because the Austro-Hungarian Navy was not huge or particularly effective and came to an end after WW1. Find another in this condition if you can! And for only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference T28 (0755). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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