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WW2 Era German Made Dutch Naval Officer's Dirk, sold

In very good condition, a WW2 Era German Made Dutch Naval Officer's Dirk by Horster, Solingen.

image T27 WW2 Era German Made Dutch Naval Officers Dirk Horster Solingen

Sold Item Notice

The dirk is pre-WW2 as it has the last E & F Hörster & Co trademark on the blade which is post WW1 and seen repeatedly on German Nazi / WW2 blades and has almost bakelite type ivory colored grip synonymous with the early 20C. Ironic the Dutch bought such things from the Germans, but there you go. We always wonder what happened to the original owners of such items.

The 9 1/2 inch blade is very well etched and firm in the hilt. Hilt and grip all good. Very nice and evocative item. Just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference T27 (0774). Full sized / further images available upon request.

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