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WW1 / WW2 British RAF (Royal Air Force) Officer's Sword, For Sale

In overall good to very good condition, a 100% authentic WW1 / WW2 British RAF (Royal Air Force) Officer's Sword.

WW1 / WW2 British RAF (Royal Air Force) Officer's Sword

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Sold by and etched to famous military outfitters Conway Williams of Brook Street, London W1, who traded from 1915 to the end of WW2. Conway Williams were THE RAF outfitters during the period, their swords made for them by Wilkinson Sword. So this may be a super rare WW1 RAF officer's sword or later. If later, the officer likely saw service of some nature or another during WW2. Very few RAF officers bought swords for obvious reasons; they would never be used as weapons or carried while on service in the confines of an aircraft. Be warned, 99% of George V era RAF swords are reproductions not normally marked to any maker / retailer; this one is 100% authentic.

The 32 1/4 inch blade is overall in good condition save for some rust / patina spots (now stabilized), the etching still clear. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt good and with some gilt remaining. The fishskin grip and twisted grip wire bindings are very good for its age (not a lot of grip wear on pilot's swords, that is for sure). The leather and gilt / brass scabbard has suffered some age with the leather surface having widespread cracked and almost all gilt gone, but in sound condition none the less. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Oh how we wish we knew who the original pilot officer was, but we do not sadly. So this sword is priced for what it is, a very rare and desirable collectors sword. Yours for £1875. Please quote item reference T25. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Tube 0749-105x16 (2.517).

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