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Circa 1850 British 2nd Life Guards Officers Wilkinson Sword, For Sale

In overall good condition, a rare Circa 1850 (Crimean War Era) British 2nd Life Guards Officers Wilkinson Sword and Scabbard.

Circa 1850 (Crimean War Era) British 2nd Life Guards Officers Wilkinson Sword

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Based on the earlier Royal Horse Guards dress sword, this is a rare pre-1855 circa 1850 (Crimean War Era) British 2nd Life Guards Officers sword by Wilkinson's. There is no serial number to the blade as Wilkinson did not start the numbering process until 1855. The blade is an almighty 35 and a bit inches in common with British heavy cavalry sword blades of the time, but was period shortened from its original 39 / 40 inches, as evidenced by the longer scabbard. The problem with the longer blades was that it was often impossible for officers to withdraw them fully, the point still being sheathed at full arms stretch, so some officers shortened their blades, like with this one. This blade length issue is highlighted and confirmed by the fact that swords made after 1850 are often found with 33 1/2 inch original length blades.

The 35 1/8 inch blade is very good, etching still clear and firm into the grip. The hilt has some deformation, which is pretty much common for swords with brass hilts, and there is a little movement, but it is otherwise good. The fishskin grip is overall good but aged with wear and a couple of tiny to small patches missing / worn through. The grip wire is good but a couple of strands are out of alignment. The scabbard generally is very good with both tightening screws present. When sheathed there is a slight camber between the throat of the scabbard and scabbard stop washer. The sword sheathes and draws well, if a little loosely.

A rare sword made even more desirable by the fact it is a Wilkinson and well above average. You can impress the hell out of your fellow collectors with this one, £2375. Please quote item reference T24. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0748-121x17x17 (2.741).


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