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19th / 20th Century Silver and Ivory Burmese Dha, For Sale

In very good condition, a very high quality late 19C / early 20C Silver and Ivory Burmese Dha.

19th / 20th Century Silver and Ivory Burmese Dha

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A superbly high quality Burmese dha with 92+ % silver content; see silver acid test result below (dark red indicates over 92% silver content).

The 17 3/4 inch steel blade is in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The silver sheet on wood and ivory hilt is very good, some age hairline cracks to the ivory. The silver sheet scabbard is equally good. Animal / hunting scenes are well engraved to hilt and scabbard. The dha sheathes and draws well.

An exceptional example. These sell for over $2,000 USD on online ethnographic sword sites, but this one can be yours for just £950. Please quote item reference T09. Further / full sized images upon request. Box 0735-1m (1.400).

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