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Early Victorian 1st Manchester Rifle Volunteers Officers Sword, For Sale

In overall good condition, a rare early Victorian 1st Manchester Rifle Volunteers officers sword.

Early Victorian 1st Manchester Rifle Volunteers Officers Swordimage S98 1

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An early Victorian version of the rifle officer's pattern sword, denoted by its solid cartouche (later versions of this pattern the strung bugle badge is pierced). Circa 1845. No maker's / retailer's mark but the shield to the ricasso means it is likely Sheffield made and sold via a smaller retailer / outfitter with no etching stencil at the makers.

image S98 2

The 32 1/3 inch blade has a steady patina both sides, one side the etching clearer than the other. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard overall sound / good but with a solid patina, the engraved detail (strung bugle under crown) to the cartouche is feint. The twisted grip wire bindings and fishskin grip are both very good. Scabbard absent.

A rare chance to get one of these and for only £400. Please quote item reference S98. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0721-1m (1.642).

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