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1821 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, For Sale

In very good condition, a rare 1821 Pattern British heavy cavalry trooper's sword.

1821 Pattern British Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword

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This is going to be the best ever authentic 1821P heavy cavalry trooper's sword you will ever get the chance to buy. Why is it in such good condition? Because it was likely made for export, probably the Confederate Army but never made it there. There is no maker's mark, no inspection marks, nothing. If it were a manufacturer's sample, it would have their name on it. But, be assured, this is a 100% guaranteed authentic British made 1821P that has never been used (the blade has never been sharpened).

The 35 1/3 inch unsharpened blade is in very good condition and firm in the hilt. The steel hilt and scabbard appear to have been period chemically browned rather than having just a steady patina, but there is patina and sometimes a very light rust pitting as well. Steel hilt in very good condition. The leather grip has age cracking but is very good. The steel scabbard equally good. The sword sheathes and draws a little loosely.

A rare sword in rare near original condition. Yours for £1000. Please quote item reference R64. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0670-127x17x16 (2.641).

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