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18C French Mounted Infantry Officers Folding Guard Sword, For Sale

In sound though aged condition, a very, very rare 18C / Revolutionary Wars French mounted infantry officers folding guard sword.

18C / Revolutionary Wars French Mounted Infantry Officers Folding Guard Swordimage S52 1

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From the Revolutionary Wars era of French history which, with a few exceptions such as the Battle of the Nile (Nelson), the French generally won their battles against the Allies (including Britain). This is a rare folding guard sword for a mounted infantry officer.

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The 28 1/8 inch blade has the remnants of its once fine etching remaining, a little rust pitting / associated wear / damage, and has a few old small nicks to the cutting edge. Blade a little loose in hilt but not much. The folding guard section works well. The grip is solid but the grip wire is loose / partly missing. The leather of the scabbard is very aged but mostly sound except for a floppy kink / tear near the chape / drag. The sword sheathed and draws well.

A really rare sword at an even rarer low price; £500. Please quote item reference S52. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0666-1m (1.695).

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