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Waterloo French Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword, Sold

In overall good condition, a Waterloo French Cuirassier Heavy Cavalry Trooper's Sword. Guaranteed, 100% authentic.

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With a spear pointed blade, no post-1815 inspection marks (poinçons) and no scabbard, this sword is a Waterloo battlefield pick up taken home probably by a British serviceman as a war trophy. The date inscription to the spine is feint (probably January 1815), but from the poinçons we can determine the blade dates from 1st August 1814 to 20th March 1815 (Waterloo was 18th June 1815). The hilt guard is older as it has three rack numbers, which means the first two blades were damaged in battles and the blade now fitted was a period replacement in time for Waterloo. Which is great, holding such a sword with a definite long battle history.

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The 37 5/8 inch spear point blade has a steady patina and some light pitting. Blade firm in hilt. The hilt is very good. Grip also good with original grip leather though the twisted grip wire has gone (a fairly easy job to replace it; happy to guide any buyer).

A great piece of history for just £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference S40 (0641). Further / full sized images available upon request.

The An XI / XIII is, for us, the most effective and stylish heavy cavalry sword ever made. It is also afflicted with much false conjecture stated as fact, and is also one of the most faked / reproduced swords on the market (we 100% guarantee our swords are not reproductions / fakes). We have written an article on the subject here.

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