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George V British RN Officer's Claymore Blade Sword, Sold

In good condition a George V British RN Officer's Claymore (dress weight) Blade Sword with an interesting history, a possible WW2 German War Trophy (Guernsey related).

George V British RN Officer's Claymore Blade Sword, possible German War Trophyimage S04 1

Sold Item Notice

Engraved to "S. B. MAINGUY" on the folding guard section, we bought this sword in France from a family who were sure it was the property of a WW2 German naval officer (story below).

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The 30 1/2 inch dress weight Claymore blade is faintly etched (etched maker's / retailer's mark indistinguishable - it is in circular form and therefore maybe the mark of Thurkle who sometimes used an etched circle mark) but in good condition, save for some patina patches. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt generally good. The fishskin grip good but some tarnish to the twisted grip wire. The scabbard sound, but the fitting move and the middle one has gouged down the side of the leather for a couple of inches. Folding guard section locates onto scabbard locking pin. Sword not good but aged. All weather bag aged, cracked and with split near the chape end. The sword sheathes and draws well.

S. B. Mainguy, R.N. (No. 2711), was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, with seniority of September 15, 1905, and was re-appointed to H.M.S. Renown "The Battleship Yacht", where he had served as 2nd Lieutenant. Past that, he obviously survived WW1 and we know he was in the Admiralty Intelligence Division during WW2. S. B. Mainguy was from Guernsey, which was under German occupation during WW2. We bought his sword from France from a family whose (deceased) parents said it was a WW2 German naval officer's sword which got left behind during the German retreat. Logic says, a German officer took this as a war trophy from Guernsey while the British RN officer owner was in London. But then the sword fell into French hands, now ours. Anyway, it sounds good to us. We known Mainguy was around in the 1950's as he appears in records for the Guernsey Life Boat Committee.

Load of research potential. Nice sword, great price: £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference S04 (0609).

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