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Early 19C Gold Work Hilted Balkans Ottoman Yatagan/Yataghan, for sale

In aged condition, an early 19C Gold Work Hilted Ottoman (Balkans) Yatagan / Yataghan.

Early 19C Gold Work Hilted Ottoman Yatagan / Yataghan

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The metalwork appears too soft and too yellow to be brass, plus it is non-magnetic, so we are pretty sure it is gold. The blade has a feint Turkish / Arabic inscription and unknown maker's mark. The hilt style is for the Balkans which was part of the Ottoman Empire at that time.

The 24 inch blade is sound but aged, the very tip is bent, plenty of patina / tarnish. The hilt has repairs and is a little loose.

With maker's mark, this is a bargain at just £500. Please quote item reference R93. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0582-1m (1.530).

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