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Battle of Waterloo British Royal Dragoons Troopers Sword, Sold

In good though aged / well cleaned condition for its age, a 1796 pattern Battle of Waterloo British Royal Dragoons Heavy Cavalry Troopers Sword.

1796P Battle of Waterloo British Royal Dragoons Heavy Cavalry Troopers Swordimage R86 1

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This sword was held by a trooper of the 1st Royal Dragoons during the Charge of the Union Brigade at the Battle of Waterloo. The scabbard has the correct known stylized "RD" for the Royal Dragoons and the blade's point has been spear pointed, a general order which was given just before the famous battle to increase the piercing capabilities of the sword. As you can see, the "RD" is chiseled and worn (such methods / age can not be faked). Complete with original sword knot. Marked "E 19" on the knucklebow for E troop, weapon 19. Marked on the spine to maker Osborne with correct crown over 1 view / inspection mark to the blade itself.

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The 34 5/8 inch spear pointed blade is in well cleaned good condition, a couple of small nicks to the cutting edge (almost certainly period), and firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard also well cleaned and good condition, some slight damage but only slight (e.g. slight bending to the outer disc guard). The original leather sword knot is a huge bonus but is very dry (like with the grip, we have not treated it). The leather grip is also very dry. It either has a later protective leather layer added or it is the original but very dry as the ridged grip, though clearly visible underneath, can not be felt as it once could; we are fairly confident the grip is all original but has dried tremendously like the sword knot. It is a simple matter to treat both, just apply inexpensive leather balsam, but because of the historic value of this sword, we have left that option to the next owner. The well cleaned heavy scabbard has some dings but is overall very good. The sword sheathes and draws exceptionally well for its age.

A well above average 1796P heavy cavalry trooper's sword with absolute provenance / markings to tie it to that glorious day in 1815. If it were a sword that had not been there, it would be worth around £3000. As it has the provenance, it is worth double or perhaps treble that, but our price is "only" £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference R86 (0568). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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