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1782P British Household Cavalry Officer's Sword, for sale

In good condition, a super rare 1782 Pattern British Household Cavalry (Horse Grenadier Guards) Officer's Sword.

1782 Pattern British Household Cavalry (Horse Grenadier Guards) Officer's Sword

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A super rare 1782 Pattern British Horse Grenadier Guards Officer's Sword. The Horse Grenadier Guards became the Life Guards in 1788, they were and still are part of the Household Cavalry. Swords of this period are very rare, especially officer's sword; even noted authors like Brian Robson struggle to find examples from this period. How do we know this is a 1782P, because the blade is dated "1782" to the spine, and marked "R Sohlingen"; the "R" for Runkel who was renowned for supplying the blades for quality British officer swords.

The almighty impressive 38 inch blade with traces of etching is firm in the hilt. The brass hilt, incredibly, is intact and with minimal bending (the vast majority of this style of 18C hilt are not; they suffered breakages easily). The hardwood grip is very good, a small chip missing one side; nothing much. Amazingly also, the original twisted grip wire is also intact / good.

Look, it is astonishing that this sword has survived and in such good condition. You will not get a chance at another, so grab it quick at £2500. Please quote item reference number R66. Further / full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0541-1.18 (2.573).

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