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19C / 20C Sudanese Manding (Sword), Bow, Quiver & Arrows, for sale

In good condition (sword blade seized in scabbard), an end of 19th / beginning of 20th Century Sudanese Manding (Sword), Bow, Quiver & 5 Arrows.

19C / 20C Sudanese Manding (Sword), Bow, Quiver & Arrows

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The leather scabbard has shrunk and the blade has possibly rusted, and the sword is now tight in the scabbard. It may well be possible to release the sword as the blade terminates in a metal swollen tang above the grip (perfect for holding in a vice).

The bow is 114 cm tip to tip, the sheathed sword is 87 cm. Everything in aged but overall very good condition.

What a display piece! Yours for £325. Please quote item reference R42. Further / large images available upon request. Box 0517-1.18 (2.806).

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