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Rare WW1 Austrian 1850/1871 Model Naval Officer's Sword, Sold

In good condition, a super rare WW1 Austrian (Austro-Hungarian 1850/1871 Model) Naval Officer's Sword (AKA Neptune / Mermaids Naval Sword).

Rare WW1 Austrian (Austro-Hungarian 1850/1871 Model) Naval Officer's Swordimage R30 1

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Probably the most attractive naval officer's sword ever made, and one of the rarest. Neither Austria nor Hungary have a navy any more. Why? Because their coastal lands including the ports of Trieste, Pola, Fiume, and Ragusa) were taken from them by the victorious Allied and given to Italy and the the then Yugoslavia (now those coastal regions are within Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro), and their navy confiscated; this sword was part of that Allied confiscation.

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The 28 inch blade is in good condition, the two tablet etching areas still clear, some rust patches though mostly to the spine, firm in the hilt. The brass hilt very good (the few others we have seen over the years were bent / damaged), depicting twin Austro-Hungarian Eagle, Mermaids and Anchor. The brass back piece with Neptune. The grip very good, no losses (again, others over the years have has grip loss). The twisted grip wire good. The scabbard os good but the leather has dry shrunk a little so that some of the stitching has failed and the sword only sheathes easily until the last 1/4 inch. The original belts are faded but a huge bonus (first time we have seen these).

A great kaiserliche und königliche Kriegsmarine (k.u.k.) sword in well above average condition. An absolute must for any WW1 / naval sword collector. Our price is £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference R30 (0493). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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