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Shinto era Japanese Wakizashi, signed Izumi no Kami Kunisada, Sold

In good condition & polish, a good, Shinto era Japanese Wakizashi (tsuba is signed) signed Izumi no Kami Kunisada.

Izumi no Kami Kunisada

Sales enquiries

Izumi no Kami Kunisada (2nd generation / Inoue Shinkai) has exceptionally high Jojo saku ranking and his blades sell for a lot of money (see here); we believe this to be an authentic blade by him, though we are selling this wakizashi at a much lower price just in case. In any event, it is a high quality sword and well worth our price. NB There is a (polished over) small rust patch shown in the photos which we assert is not as bad as the photos alludes (it was taken at an angle and therefore shows some shadow).

The 15 inch Nagasa (cutting edge section) large midare hamon with tobiyaki, itame hada blade is in good condition / has high polish, a small polished rust patch and a couple of very small chips to the cutting edge. Signed Izumi no Kami Kunisada with one mekugi-ana. Bound tsuka with iron fuchi-kashira decorated with foliage, soft-metal bow and arrows menuki, and aoi-shaped iron tsuba, in its black ishime lacquered saya with iron kodzuka etched with a landscape. The tsuka-ito (silk grip binding) is darker one side at the kashira (may have been glued).

A very good sword and possibly worth 10 times what we are offering it for. Grab it quick; £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference R19 (0486). Further / full sized images available upon request.


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