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19C / 20C Fine Siver Mounted Indonesian Golok, Sold

In overall good condition but with some hilt damage and scabbard chape missing, 19C / 20C Fine Silver Mounted Indonesian Golok with traditional quality folded steel blade with fine pamour.

19C / 20C Fine Siver Mounted Indonesian Golok (traditional folded steel blade)image R18 1

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A very high quality golok with silver hilt mounts (see positive silver acid test result below), with some wood damage to carved hilt and the chape / toe missing. So, repair the scabbard / make a new wood chape and have one of the best goloks in the collector's world!

image R18 2
image R18 3

The 19 3/8 inch folded steel blade has patina throughout but should restore easily / nicely to bring out the very best of the fine pamour. Blade firm in hilt. The silver (bright red acid test = over 92.5%) mounts to the hilt are well engraved; one moves now. The carved tropical wood section of the hilt is well done, but has a few chips . bits missing. The scabbard is sound but has split down the edges and lost it's chape. The golok sheathes and draws well.

Oh come on, it's an absolute bargain at only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference R18 (0489). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image R18 4

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