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WW1 / George V era British Royal Naval Officer's Sword, For Sale

In overall very good condition (but with some scabbard and fishskin grip shrinkage) , a WW1 / George V era British Royal Naval Officer's Sword.

WW1 / George V British Royal Naval Officer's Sword

Sales enquiries

This sword has been kept in a low humidity environment. That is great regarding the blade and sword knot, less so for the scabbard and grip fishskin which have shrunk a little as a result; so the edge of the fishskin shows and the scabbard can not be fully sheathed. But the blade is superb for its age.

The 31 inch blade is well etched and in very good condition; no maker's / retailer's name etched to the ricasso which is an indication this sword was made 1917 / 1918. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt retains a little gilt. The grip is very good but with some shrinkage; the twisted grip wire bindings are good. The original sword knot is good. The scabbard has shrunk a little and so he sword does not sheath fully.

A lot of quality sword for just £425. Please quote item reference Q96. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0451-1m (2.193).

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