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1908/1912P Unusual British Cavalry Officer's Sword, dated 1915, SOLD

In good overall condition, an unusual marriage of a 1908P troopers and a 1912P officer's British cavalry sword, dated October 1915, officer's initials.

1908/1912P Unusual British Cavalry Officer's Sword, dated 1915image Q90 1

Sales enquiries

The blade and grip are of the 1908 trooper's pattern, the hilt / guard, scabbard and all weather carry bag are of the 1912 officer's pattern. The hood of the bag is marked "Capt A J S", so it should be possible to research the officer's name and regiment by way of the Army List for WW1, which may then also explain the marriage of a 1908 and 1912 pattern (maybe battle damage to the original officer's blade / grip - though, maybe, the sword was made like this for whatever reason). The marriage appears period.

image Q90 2

image Q90 3

The 35 inch blade has some pitting mid way down, both sides, and has some tarnish / staining but remains sound. The blade is marked SB&N Ltd for makers Sanderson Brothers & Neubold Limited one side, 10 '15 for October 1915 the other. Blade firm in hilt. The grip showing signs of age (cracks) and wear but is sound. The leather scabbard is overall good. The leather all weather bag is aged and the stitching going here and there; the top section is nearly detached, the hood is fully detached. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Never seen such a combination before; perhaps a campaign sword or one provided by the War Office for this particular officer. Anyway, you are unlikely to find another and with good research potential, £(too late, now sold)is a small price to pay. Please quote item reference Q90 (0435). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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