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Victorian 1st London Artillery Officer's Sword, F A Prout, for sale

In good though aged condition, a Victorian 1st London Artillery Officer's Sword, marked to the original owner / officer, F A Prout.

Victorian 1st London Artillery Officer's Sword, F A Proutimage Q83 1

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The blade is etched to the 1st London Artillery (City of London Artillery), retailer Ascher of London and Woolwich, and bearing the original owner officer's name, "F A Prout". Rudimentary research shows he was commissioned into the regiment in 1872 and in 1877 was operating an advertising company with two partners from offices in London Bridge and Berlin.

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The 32 inch blade has a steady patina throughout and the etching is feint but still visible. Blade firm in the hilt. The steel hilt in good order. The fishskin grip good for its age (some age evident to edges); the twisted grip wire bindings very good. The steel scabbard with patina and a light pitting but sound. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Nice to get such a regimentally marked sword with the owner's name to it. A bargain in City of London terms, yours for £550. Please quote item reference Q83. Further full / sized images available on request. Box 0425-1m (1.749).

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