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WW2 Japanese Heiho (converted Dutch KNIL) Cutlass, For Sale

In good condition, an unusual Japanese Indonesian occupation Heiho cutlass with Chinese inscription for Hong Kong on scabbard.

WW2 Japanese Heiho (converted Dutch KNIL) Cutlass, Chinese Militiaimage Q67 1

Sales enquiries

One of two Heiho cutlasses we bought from a UK estate sale. Apparently they were post-WW2 service personnel bring back trophies (the British helped administer Indonesia / Dutch East Indies directly after Japan surrendered in WW2, and there are quite a few of these in the UK). The Chinese inscription is "Heung Gong" (Hong Kong) and indicates this Heiho was one initially taken by the small Chinese militia in Indonesia; we could find no physical connection with Hong Kong itself as none of these weapons were present there (they are converted Dutch KNIL cutlass from Indonesia), though Hong Kong was the main transit point for displaced persons of every nationality after WW2, but we do not see how displaced persons (civilians) would be allowed or want to bring weapons with them as they transited Hong Kong. So we believe the inscription is a dedication by Chinese in Indonesia. In any event, it is an interesting subject worthy of research, to say the least.

17 Inch blade in good condition and firm in hilt. The hilt / grip in good order. The leather and brass fittings scabbard in good order. The cutlass sheaves and draws well.

A scarce item made scarcer by the inscription. Nice price; £375. Please quote item reference Q67. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0408-62x11x11 (0.960).

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