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1860M Spanish Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Sword, Sold

In good to very good condition, a scarce Spanish-American War era 1860M Spanish Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Sword (Sable para Tropa de Caballería Ligera, modelo 1860 "Prusiano") , dated 1870.

1860M Spanish Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Sword, dated 1870image Q55 1

Sold Item Notice

One of the heaviest light cavalry swords you will find, weighing in at an almighty 2.4Kg (over 5lbs) on its scabbard. This model was used by the Spanish throughout the late 19th Century, including during the Spanish-American War. This one was made in 1870 and once had regimental markings to the scabbard which can be seen but not determined.

image Q55 2

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The 33 5/8 inch blade is in good condition and firm in the hilt. The hilt with a light pitting all over, cleaned to remove the rust that caused it, is in good solid condition. The fishskin grip is good but with some wear / aging and loss of colour and a tiny worn out section, but not too much / bad. The grip wire is present and correct. The heavy steel scabbard is overall very good; the tigthening screw is missing however. The sword sheathes and draws well, if a little loosely.

This is a beauty of a scarce sword. It should be snapped up at only £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number Q55 (0446). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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