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M1811 Napoleonic 10th (Magdeburg) Hussars Blucher / Sabre, for sale

In good overall condition, a Model 1811 Napoleonic 10th (Magdeburg) Hussars Blucher / Sabre, by S & K (Schnitzler and Kirschbaum).

M1811 Napoleonic 10th (Magdeburg) Hussars Blucher / Sabreimage Q42 1

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The 10th (Magdeburg) Hussars (Magdeburgisches Husaren-Regiment Nr. 10) did not actually take part in Waterloo; they were part of the Prussian Bulow's IV Corps rear guard. The 10th Hussars together with 2 infantry battalions and two guns were ordered to remain in position and hold the defile of Mont St Guibert against any French cavalry trying to cross the River Dyle. After Waterloo, as part of the Allied occupation force, on 1 July 1815, they crossed the Seine and camped at Versailles. The duties of the regiment were to disarm the National Guard and maintain order. In 1816, in appreciation for outstanding service against the armies of Napoleon, the 10th Hussars received the distinction of a gold-embroidered regimental flag.

This sabre has had a long and arduous service life. The original markings on the cross guard "203 M" are simply weapon 203 M (for Magdeburgisches). The 203 matches the blade spine number, showing the blade is original to the hilt / guard. There are other early markings to the front of the crossguard, such as "8" (probably the trooper number). Yet further later markings "7 L. II. R. 1" on the front of the crossguard, "B. T. 20. 18." to the langet (20th Bruckentrain (Bridge building) Battalion of 20th Infantry Division, weapon 18) and "6. T. E. 408" (6th Eratz-Abteilung of (Silesian) Train Bataillon Nr 6, weapon 408) to the scabbard.

The 32 inch blade (marked S & K for Schnitzler and Kirschbaum to the spine) is aged and with pitting, but sound and firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard with age and light pitting. The original grips are worn but good. The heavy steel scabbard is good. The sword sheathes and draws loosely, so the wood lining slats have perished / gone.

This is actually a very rare sword; most Bluchers are later and have a year code under W on the spine. A great piece of history for only £1500. Please quote item reference Q42. Further / full sized images available upon request. Box 0355-1m (2.716).

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