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WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Dirk (1883 Pattern), for sale

In overall good condition, an 1883 pattern WW2 Japanese Naval Officer's Dirk.

Sales enquiries

The 20.5 cm blade good, some age / very light rust splattering / wear. Blade a little loose in hilt and showing the ha-machi (blade notch). The fishskin / same grip is good and both Sakura (cherry blossom) embellishments / screw covers still present, which is nice. The black same / fishskin saya / scabbard (nicer than leather) is aged but overall good. The dagger sheathes and draws well, and the locking pin mechanism works well.

Quite a scarce item as most went down with the ships. Your for only £550. Please quote item reference Q40. Full sized pictures available upon request. Box 0353-082 (0.680).

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