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1827M Russian Cavalry Trooper's Sabre by Zlatoust, Sold

A rare Model 1827 Russian Cavalry Trooper's Sabre by Zlatoust, dated 1833, a Crimean War Trophy.

1827M Russian Cavalry Trooper's Sabre by Zlatoust, a Crimean War Trophyimage Q34 1

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Reportedly a British capture / pick up from the Battle of Balaclava (charge of heavy and light brigades) on the 25th October 1854. This 1833 dated 1827M is a rare sword indeed in any event. And of course, we guarantee it is 100% authentic.

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The 34 1/4 inch blade is overall sound but has some deep rust patches, thankfully not many, and some ominous period nicks to the cutting edge. Blade firm in the hilt. The hilt overall good. The original leather covered grip has lost some of its leather. The heavy iron scabbard is painted (believed period) and with pitting but sound. The sabre sheathes and draws well.

A very rare and evocative sword. An investment at £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference Q34 (0350). Further / full sized photos available upon request.

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