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Clipped Point French An XIII Cuirassier Sword, earlier An IX blade, Sold

In overall good condition, a rare Napoleonic Wars Clipped Point French An XIII Cuirassier Sword with earlier An IX blade.

Napoleonic Wars Clipped Point French An XIII Cuirassier Sword,  earlier An IX bladeimage P94 1

Sold Item Notice

This is almost certainly a Waterloo battle trophy because the Versailles hilt is an An XIII version with a post December 1813 poinçon (stamp) by controller P Bick. The flat blade is that of an earlier An IX sword with AP ("Atelier de précision" - often wrongly alleged to be "Arsenal Paris") maker's poinçon (the stamp next to it is an Imperial French revolutionary symbol, a "licteur"). It is well known that the Imperial French army was very short of weapons after the disastrous French invasion of Russia which ultimately saw the Russians enter Paris and which forced Napoleon into his first exile from 4th April 1814 to 7th March 1815. Many swords were put together by state and private makers, often from older parts. This sword has to be one of those, not least as it comes in a Mark 3 scabbard which only were made from 1814. The scabbard has a rack number, 247, "a marriage" which almost certainly means the sword was picked up from the battlefield and married to a scabbard.

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The 38 1/8 inch flat An IX (circa 1800) blade is in very good condition and firm in the An XIII (circa 1814) hilt. The hilt / guard with staining age (would clean up). The grip has lost around 50% of its leather cover and has been given a rubberized mastic type coating to preserve it (it can be held firmly in the hand). The Mk3 (circa 1814) chemically browned (the French did this) scabbard is in overall good condition, but with a rust pitting patch near one suspension ring. The sword sheathes and draws well.

You are very, very unlikely to find another Napoleonic cuirassier sword like this, with an earlier blade. So, given it is so rare and proves many things about the swords used in the Napoleonic Wars / at Waterloo, the price of £? (too late, now sold) is a complete and utter bargain. Please quote item reference P94 (0295). Further / full sized images available upon request.

The An XI / XIII is, for us, the most effective and stylish heavy cavalry sword ever made. It is also afflicted with much false conjecture stated as fact, and is also one of the most faked / reproduced swords on the market (we 100% guarantee our swords are not reproductions / fakes). We have written an article on the subject here.

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