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1899P Boer War 2nd Dragoon Guards Trooper's Sword, Sold

In good condition, an 1899P Boer War 2nd (Queen's Bays) Dragoon Guards Trooper's Sword.

1899P Boer War 2nd (Queen's Bays) Dragoon Guards Trooper's Swordimage P90 1

Sold Item Notice

With many marks / stamps, the main ones being "2 DG" on the hilt, and a crossed out 149 on both the hilt and scabbard which show the sword and scabbard are probably original to each other. The Queen's Bays performed well in the Boer War and this sword was almost certainly there with them.

image P90 2
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The 32 1/8 inch blade has a rounded tip (possibly through damage or as a safety feature as many swords were given rounded edges when they were "retired" as practice swords) and has been sharpened. Blade is firm in the hilt. The hilt / guard generally good, as are the grip scales. The browned (camouflaged) steel scabbard is aged but mostly good. The sword sheathes and draws well.

Iconic sword from a great regiment and having almost certainly been used / held in action in the Boer War. Yours for only £? (too late, now sold)! Please quote item reference P90 (0300). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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