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Japanese Army Officer's Gendaito Shin Gunto, Chounsai Emura, Sold

In good condition, a true gendaito Japanese army officer's shin gunto, made by Chounsai Emura.

Japanese Army Officer's Gendaito Shin Gunto, Chounsai Emuraimage P71 1

Sales enquiries

You can read about Chounsai Emura here. The blade was made by him, not one of his students as the term "Bishu" is missing from the mei (signature). The blade is good but in poor polish, though the hamon is just about visible. Emura blades have received Hozon origami from the NBTHK in Japan. Emura blades have also received Shinteisho and Kanteisho origami from the NTHK.

image P71 Chounsai Emura Saku

image P71 2

The 25 inch Nagasa (cutting edge section) blade is in good condition, a couple of very, very small nicks towards the kissaki (point), but these are minor. The fittings generally good but the locking pin mechanism, although it looks like it should locate and hold the saya (scabbard) doesn't, and a couple of the fittings are a little loose. The sword sheathes and draws well.

This is a very popular Gendaito smith with collectors and our price of £? (too late, now sold) is way under normal market / sales value. Please quote item reference P71 (0235). Further / full sized images upon request.

image P71 4

image P71 3


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