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1881M Russian Lower Cossack Ranks Shasqua, Regiment marked, for sale

In good condition, an 1881 model Imperial Russian Lower Cossack Ranks Shasqua, regiment marked, dated 1902, repaired date 1912. Now with 20% discount.

1881M Imperial Russian Lower Cossak Ranks Shasqua, Regiment marked, 1912image P68 1

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Made by the Zlatoust arms factory in 1902, repaired by the Moscow artillery workshops in 1912 (MAM), marked we believe to the Tashkent Reserve Battalion (which had mounted artillery). This is a guaranteed authentic Russian 1881M, not one of the thousands of reproductions on the market; again, we guarantee its authenticity. Minus its original Mosin Nagant bayonet (probably removed for artillery trooper use).

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The 33 7/8 inch blade is in good condition, some age / light pitting, firm in the hilt, a small gap where once the washer hid the beginning of the tang. Guard good, grip very good (possibly a replacement of 1912) but with a little movement. Scabbard with age and some damage, possibly period combat damage. The sword sheathes and draws well.

An iconic authentic Russian shasqua. A great investment at (was) £1250, now £1000. Please quote item reference number P68. Further / large images available upon request. Box 0029-1.18 (2.549).

This shasqua most likely saw service with a regular Russian cavalry (dragoon or cossack) trooper and suffered grip wear / damage, and was then repaired (a new grip added) and then relegated to a Tashkent (Uzbekistan) based mounted artillery trooper. The weapon number on the hilt is 287, the scabbard number is 102, so it has all the hallmarks of a weapon that served with a cavalry regiment fo2 10 years and then was sent to a less important mounted artillery unit after the grip was replaced.

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