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19th Century Turco-Persian Shamshir, for sale

In aged condition, a 19th Century Turco-Persian Shamshir. Now with 20% discount.

19th Century Turco-Persian Shamshirimage P50 1

Sales enquiries

Possibly wootz steel, it has the quite common 3 ball armourer`s mark.

image P50 2

The 28 3/4 inch blade is in aged / often pitted condition, but sound, and firm in the hilt. The hilt is aged and with some light damage.

It is a 19C shamshir! And just (was) £400, now £320. Please quote item reference number P50. Full sized / additional photos available upon request. Box 0026-1m (1.445).

image P50 4

image P50 3

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