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WW2 Japanese Civilian Katana for military use, Sold

In good overall condition, a WW2 Japanese Civilian Katana for military use with kokuin type stamp.

WW2 Japanese Civilian Katana for military useimage P27 1

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Scarce WW2 Japanese Civilian Katana for military use, made desirable by an unusual unidentified small kokuin type mark. Tang (nakago) signed Sako Kaneshige. The blade has been polished (shined / buffed) bright, so am unable to say whether showato or gendaito, though there os a feint hamon (can not photo it) when oiled in one section which appears to suggest gendaito. The kokuin type mark is just above the mekugi-ana (peg hole) where you would normally find seki / showa stamps. It has positive relief areas not indents as with normal state acceptance stamps.

image P27 2

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The 25 inch Nagasa (cutting edge section) blade is well buffed and in good condition. The fittings with wear but overall good. The saya in good condition for its age.

A scarce sword made scarcer by the unidentified kokuin type mark. Perhaps this is the best ever investment at £? (too late, now sold) . Please quote item reference P27 (0214). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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