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19/20C Sumatran Palembang Gayaman Keris, Kulit Semangka, Sold

In good condition, a 19/20C Sumatran Palembang Gayaman Keris / Kris with Kulit Semangka Pamor.

image P24 Sumatran Palembang Gayaman Keris Kris Kulit Semangka Pamor

Sales enquiries

Superb pamor, superb. 13 1/4 Inch blade is firm in the hilt (Ukiran); if the hilt is original, this keris likely never had a ganja (keris ganja iras) as there appears to be no gap; if the hilt is a replacement, then the ganja is lost. Keris fits its scabbard well. £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference P24 (0243). Full sized / additional images available upon request.

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