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English early 19th Century Small Sword, label dated 1809, Sold

In good to very good condition, a very nice early 19th Century English Small Sword, with a label showing the date 1809

English early 19th Century Small Sword, dated 1809image P16 1

Sales enquiries

There is a clearly very old label attached to scabbard which someone will probably be able to read / decipher, the word / name "Johnson" and date "1809" appear.

image P16 2

image P16 3

The 29 1/2 inch colichemarde blade is in good order but the etching is now feint. Blade firm in hilt. The hilt overall very good without any losses or damage. The leather and metal fittings scabbard is aged; the metal chape is gone, the point therefore sits proud when full sheathed. The sword sheaths and draws well but is tight towards the end when sheathing.

A very good example and perhaps the label has some great story to tell. Our price is £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference P16 (0201). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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