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1751P Samuel Harvey Birmingham British Infantry Hanger, Sold

In good condition, a Samuel Harvey of Birmingham (with Running Fox Trademark) made 1751 Pattern English infantry hanger (sword), named to soldier on hilt / guard.

1751P Samuel Harvey Birmingham British Infantry Hangerimage O89 1

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About the best 1851 Pattern you can hope to own. First, it was made by the legendary Samuel Harvey and bears his TradeMark running fox. Second, unlike most 1851P's generically marked to English militias, this one is marked to the soldier who once carried it, "A Thomas"; these soldier identified swords are about as rare as they come. If we had the time, we would do all we could to research Mr. Thomas and ascertain where he fought, as fought he likely did, probably in the American Revolutionary War of Independence, as there are period sword fight marks to the section of the guard hilt where the should be (to be authentic).

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The 6 over 37 is the old style markings used on English / British swords; it does not identify the regiment but rather sword number 37 of unit 6 (of whatever regiment A Thomas served under). As you can see, the name and numbers are of the same font / style and age. This is important as it establishes the sword was originally issued to A Thomas (his name was not added after the fact) and that he was a serviceman, not an officer (which would not be appropriate for this sword). As such, it is almost certain A Thomas served under a regular infantry division, not a reserve militia. And the numbering and blade marks to the hilt / guard indicate this soldier with this sword was active during the US War of Independence.

The 25 1/4 inch blade has been shined, but has not lost its apparent age. Blade a little loose in the hilt, not much. The brass hilt and grip in sound condition but with wear.

Oh boy, find another like it; you will not! What an investment, yours for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference number O89 (1401). Further / full sized images upon request.

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