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Rare French An XIII Heavy Cavalry Sword with Clipped Point, sold

In very good condition, a rare original clipped point Napoleonic French An XIII Heavy Cavalry trooper's sword, quite likely a Peninsular War trophy.

Peninsular War Trophy Rare French An XIII Heavy Cavalry Sword Clipped Pointimage O83 1

Sales enquiries

This is a rare clipped point An XIII made even rarer by the fact of the blade. A klingenthal inscribed blade (May 1812) but almost certainly made by the private arm of Klingenthal (who made private purchase officer blades), conscripted into the army to be issued to a serviceman. This is indicated by the fact the blade is slightly longer than the standard Klingenthal blade (38 1/2 inches vs 38 inches) and has the pronounced ricasso / forte version of blade, onto which the inspection marks are stamped (on standard Klingenthal blades these were stamped onto the blade itself as there was no ricasso showing to do this). Finally, one of the inspection stamps / poinçons is for Joseph Ambroise Bisch, which is correct date wise for the blade but rarely seen (standard blades bear the poinçon of Jean-Georges Bick). The hilt shows the sword was finished in Klingenthal as it bears a clear François Louis Lobstein poinçon. As there are no post-Imperial stamps, and as the blade has not been ground down to a spear point as the vast majority of French heavy cavalry blades were just before Waterloo, it is very likely this sword fell into Allied hands during / towards the end of the Peninsular war (2nd May 1808 to 17th April 1814). It may be possible the blade could be a sign that this was a Napoleonic French Carabinier's sword (rather than a Cuirassier).

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The impressive 38 1/2 inch blade is in very good condition, a little movement in the hilt / grip (can be fairly invisibly, quickly and easily rectified; we would be happy to advise the buyer how), but not much. The hilt / guard in very good shaped. The grip leather appears original; the twisted grip wire appears to be a replacement. No scabbard; it is quite possible a reproduction scabbard would fit this sword but we have our doubts due to the length of the blade.

A very rare and desirable sword for only £? (too late, now sold) is actually very good indeed. Please quote item reference O83 (1405). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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