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Rare WW2 Japanese Marine / Naval Landing Force Shin Gunto, Sold

Rare on two counts, a good to very good condition WW2 Japanese Marine Landing Officer's Shin Gunto, with twin ashi, with Masayuke stamp, including sword knot.

Rare WW2 Japanese Marine / Naval Landing Force Officer's Shin Gunto, Masayukiimage N99 1

Sold Item Notice

What a find! Not only does it have a rare Masayuke stamp (Slough rates Iijima Masayuki as having made Medium to High grade Gendaito - see page 111 of Slough's book for info on the stamp), but this shin gunto has had a second ashi suspension ring added, so it was carried by a WW2 Japanese Naval Landing Force (Marine) officer. Not only that, but it comes with the original sword knot, which means this sword was taken off the officer (it is not a mass post-surrender item where the officers first removed the sword knots). OK, the blade is good, not perfect / in high polish and has some small nicks, but this means the sword was probably used / held in battle.

image N99 Masayuki stamp

The 25 inch blade (measured from habaki inset to point) is in good condition, some very small nicks to the cutting edge, some scuffing, some staining or smearing, but overall good. All the fittings are in good order; the saya would have had a leather covering originally, but this is gone. The rayskin same has some splitting but overall is good. The saya has some signs of wear / slight damage but is still good. The locking pin mechanism is complete and works, but just fails to click onto the saya. The sword sheathes and draws well. The sword knot is brown and blue, so the officer held the rank of Lieutenant or Captain.

Go on, just try and get another one! Look, we are offering this rare and fine example of an Imperial marine officer's shin gunto, taken off the officer himself, for only £xxxx (too late, now sold - original sales price divulged for small fee). Please quote item reference N99 (1355). Further / full sized images upon request.


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