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Batavian / Napoleonic Dutch Hussar Officer's Sabre, Sold

An very rare Batavian / Napoleonic Dutch Hussar Officer's Blue & Gilt Etched Sabre, circa 1804, in good overall condition.

Circa 1804 Batavian / Napoleonic Dutch Hussar Officer's Blueg & Gilt Etched Sabreimage N93 1

Sold Item Notice

In the French Consulate period style (guard and blade), most likely made in the Batavian Republic itself (Bataafse Republiek) as no discernible maker's marks, around 1804, this sword may well have been used / seen service with both the French Grande Armee and then their nemesis, the Allied Army under the Duke of Wellington.

image N93 2

image N93 3

The 32 1/2 inch blade is in aged and worn condition, but with blue and gilt etching still visible. Blade is sound and firm in the hilt. The brass hilt with some bending / damage as you would / should expect. The leather grip mostly good, but the wire bindings show loses. The brass scabbard with many dings and much age has lost its inner wooden slat linings so the sabre sheathes and draws loosely.

Find another and then tell us our price of only £? (too late, now sold) is not the bargain of the year! Please quote item reference N93 (1363). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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