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Mid Victorian British Light Cavalry Officer's Mameluke For Sale

In good condition, a rare mid-Victorian British light cavalry officer's mameluke sabre / sword.

Mid Victorian British Light Cavalry Officer's Pipeback Mameluke Sabreimage N73 1

Sold Item Notice

The plain diamond cross guard shows this to be a rare cavalry, not infantry mameluke. Most likely a dress sword (officer service swords tended to be the 1821 pattern three bar hilt), but one fit for active service if need be.

image N73 2

The 32 1/4 inch pipe back blade with tablet style VR etching is firm in the hilt. The hilt with light rust (now stable) / patina. The ivory grip showing age cracks as to be expected, but in good condition. The grip retaining studs are pretty plain, but original, and suggest the sword was worn with a view to being used if necessary. The steel scabbard has rust (now stable) / patina and dings, but is sound. The sabre sheathes and draws very well.

A really good buy at only £? (too late, now sold) . Please quote item reference N73 (1335). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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