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WW2 Unsigned Japanese Shin Gunto, sword knot, Gendaito facets, for sale

In fair condition, a WW2 unsigned Japanese Shin Gunto with sword knot and Gendaito facets.

WW2 Unsigned Japanese Shin Gunto, sword knot, Gendaito facitsimage N55 1

Sold Item Notice

An impressive shin gunto, though the blade has some light pitting. The width of the blade at the habaki is 1 1/4 inches, so a pretty chunky blade, not typical of Showato (mass produced) blades. The characteristics of the blade, plus other factors, lead us to believe this is a Gendaito blade. In any event, it has its original sword knot with it, so this sword was taken from an officer; it is not therefore an end of war surrender item (as the Japanese officers removed their sword knots before surrendering their swords).

image N55 2

The 21 1/16 inch blade has a feint hamon, scuffs, a few patina spots and some light pitting in places. The rayskin has shrunk a little, the bindings are worn and frayed in one place. The menuki hole has been enlarged (someone had used a brass slug to hold the sword together - we have put a wooden peg in now). There is a kink in the saya / scabbard, which is generally aged and worn. The locking pin mechanism is complete but the catch on the saya is bent a little, so it does not hold the scabbard in place.

Overall, a very nice shin gunto, importantlyunsigned and with its original sword knot. Yours for £xxx. Please quote item reference N55 (1314). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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