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Antique Malaysian / Sumatran / Peninsular Serpent Keris / Kris, Sold

A late 19C / early 20C Peninsular Naga Nogo Serpent Bladed Keris, in good condition, almost certainly Sumatran.

Antique Malaysian / Sumatran / Peninsular Naga Nogo Serpent Keris / Kris

Sold Item Notice

A lovely serpent forged blade, a Malay / Sumatran Naga Nogo Kris. 34cm blade in good condition, some rust but light and not much. Hilt / grip with a little damage, easily repaired. Nice large cup with glass / semi-precious stone inserts. Sheathes well into what must be its original sheath, in the Indonesian more than Malaysian style, so we are sure this is a Sumatran item. Total length is 48cm when sheathed. A great collector's serpent keris for just for £? (too late, now sold). Please quote item reference N10 (1283). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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