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Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword & Scabbard, sold

In aged but sound condition, a Victorian British Royal Navy officer's sword and scabbard (deficient).

Victorian British Royal Naval Officer's Sword & Scabbardimage N05 1

Sold Item Notice

With rare double top locket suspension rings, this sword blade is marked to Ramsey of Devonport (a silversmith who was also involved in swords), dating it from 1840 to 1859.

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The 31 1/8 inch blade is sound but worn and with a steady patina long both sides. Blade firm in hilt, the hilt good with folding guard section working and some gilt remaining. The grip is quite clean and good. The scabbard leather has fallen apart and has been taped to solely keep the parts in place. Paying for the leather to be replaced would basically double the value of this sword.

A nice example and only £(selling price available for a fee). Please quote item reference number N05 (1287). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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