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Japanese Shinshinto Period Tanto with Goma Bashi

Likely Mino School Shinshinto Tanto with Goma Bashi in good condition; Mumei (unsigned).

Mino School Shinshinto Tanto with Goma Bashi

Sold Item Notice

A 26.7 cm blade with 17.8 cm cutting edge, excluding habaki; this being made of textured copper and with the mounting type / style indicates the tanto was made for a higher ranked Samurai. Indistinct Suga ha hamon, in need of a polish to bring out it's full potential; I am able to provide details of a very good polisher in the UK (approximate cost 150 GBP). The blade tip is slightly stubbed, as if the tanto had stabbed something hard; this is not so noticeable and should come out with a polish. One menuki is missing, the other I have removed and left detached so the mekugi peg can be removed / the blade be removed from the tsuka / hilt / grip. A little patination to some areas of the blade. A couple of small forging flaws to the tang; none visible on the blade. Series of five tang file marks indicates Mino School.

Further / full sized pictures available upon request.





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