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1803P Blue & Gilt British Infantry General's Sword / Sabre, SOLD

In good condition, a blue and gilt etched (approximately 75% remaining) ivory grip (for General Staff Officers) 1803 pattern British infantry sword / sabre and scabbard.

1803P Blue & Gilt British Infantry General Staff Officer's Sword / Sabreimage M95 1

Sold Item Notice

This is a fighting officer's sword made by JJ Runkel with an 1801-1816 version of the British Royal Coat of Arms, so early 19C (pre-1809) as Runkel died / ceased trading in 1808. This is not a dress sword for a non-combatant staff officer, it is an infantry field officer's sword. It is therefore very scarce, if not rare, and certainly more valuable than a standard officer's sword (these have fishskin grips).

image M95 2

image M95 3 1801 1816 British Royal Coat of Arms

The 32 inch blade is in good condition, period sharpened (though now not so sharp) by the maker (as is well done so as not to damage the etching). Blade with JJ Runkel Solingen to spine. Blade a little loose in the hilt; we could easily "fix" this by pushing Stanley knife blade segments into the gap between the blade and hilt / grip, but leave this option with honesty to the eventual owner. Hilt a little misshapen, not much, as should be expected with a field officer's sword. Ivory grip with age, cracks and some small pieces missing; again as to be expected. Grip wire still present. Brass fittings on leather scabbard; all original but missing frog suspension button and aged. Sword sheathes and draws well.

Superb investment value. Please quote item reference number M95 (1293). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

PS Most dealers would come up with some story that the sword is said to be the property of XXXX general to greatly inflate the value; we do not do this and we have no provenance on who was the original owner, sorry.

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image M95 5

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