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Side Catch 1935 Model WW2 Japanese NCO's Shin Gunto, SOLD

In very good condition, guaranteed authentic, a super rare side catch 1935M WW2 Japanese Non Commissioned Officer's Shin Gunto Katana / Sword by Nagoya.

Side Catch 1935M WW2 Japanese NCO's Shin Guntoimage M93 1

Sold Item Notice

100% authentic WW2 Japanese shin gunto, guaranteed. This is a rare side catch version of the 1935M (1945M's all had side catches but almost very 1935M had a a top catch except this one and a few others); see Japanese Military and Civil Swords and Dirks by Richard Fuller and Ron Gregory (Plate 126). Please note: this is the ONLY version of the 1935M to legitimately have an extended (longer than normal) sarute loop (an extended sarute loop on a standard 1935M is a tell tale sign the sword is a replica); again, see Plate 126 of Richard Fuller's reference book for confirmation of this fact. Matching serial numbers of 133562 on blade and scabbard.

image M93 2

image M93 3

The 26 1/4 inch blade is in very good condition, no nicks, and firm in the hilt (tsuka). The grip with most of its original paint remaining. The saya / scabbard in good condition with much of its camouflage paint remaining. The sword sheathes and draws well. The locking mechanism works well.

Quickly go and try and find another of these for sale, or even one that has been for sale in the last few years, and then come quickly back and buy this one. But, be quick, it will not be around for long. Yours for £1200. Please quote item reference number M93 (1297). Further / full sized pictures available upon request.

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