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Bunan Period (1446) Wakizashi, Bishu Osafune Yasumitsu, sold

In very good condition and very high polish, a Bunan period wakizashi signed Bishu Osafune Yasumitsu, either 2nd or 3rd generation (dated to 1446) in shirasaya.

Bunan Period (1446) Wakizashi, Bishu Osafune Yasumitsuimage M14 1

Sold Item Notice

Clearly an authentic very well made blade, it is signed Bishu Osafune Yasumitsu and dated 1446 (1444 + 3 -1), which means it is either 2nd generation (maker ranking Jo-jo saku / 120 Hawley) or 3rd generation (40 Hawley), see Yasumitsu (the 3 MITSUs). It should be noted, that the date suggests more 3rd generation, yet the signature indicates 2nd, as the father (2nd generation) is known to have signed "Bishu Osafune Yasumitsu", while the son (3rd generation) is shown as having signed "Bishu Osafune Ju Yasumitsu". In either event, the sword is well worth the amount we are asking, and may turn out to be a very big bargain.

image M14 2

image M14 3

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The 14 1/8 inch cutting edge (Nagasa) blade is in high polish but with some scuffs, an old small part finger print and a small straight scratch (all shown in photos available upon request). The saya has some small splits, nothing much. We have taken a series of photos in different lights and with different cameras to try and show the mokume hada, nie, etc. and recommend these be examined as they show the blade to be very well constructed.

£xxxx is a very good price for this wakizashi. Please quote reference number M14 (1241). Full sized / further photos available upon request.

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