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Edo or Shinto Period unsigned Japanese Wakizashi, Sold

In good though bright condition, a probably pre-Shinto period (Edo or before) unsigned Wakizashi.

Edo or Shinto Period unsigned Japanese Wakizashiimage L92 1

Sold Item Notice

We believe this to be pre-Shinto based on the blade characteristics we can see, especially the tang union with the blade and the type of ware, plus the fact it has been used in several sets of furniture over the years (3 mekugi-ana).

image L92 2

image L92 3

The 13 1/2 inch (cutting edge / Nagasa) blade has been polished bright. Furniture in good condition. The cat scratch habaki tending to move over the ha-machi and mune-machi edges (where the tang meets the blade).

We should not need to say any more to sell this one at only £???. Please quote item reference L92 (1214). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image L92 4

image L92 5

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