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Late George V / WW2 British Infantry Named Officer's Sword, sold

A late George V British infantry officer's Wilkinson sword, serial number 64099, for 1933, the sword of 2nd Lieutenant H R Oldman, Royal Norfolk Regiment, who went on to be Lieutenant Colonel H R Oldman, DSO in 1945 for the same regiment. In overall good condition.

Late George V / WW2 British Infantry Officer's Sword, Lt-Col H R Oldman, DSOimage L74 1

Sold Item Notice

Our research shows that H R Oldman resigned his commission before WW2, but then was recommissioned when war broke out, and went to to be Lieutenant Colonel H R Oldman, DSO in 1945 for the same regiment, the Royal Norfolk Regiment. It is believed that he kept this sword for most of if not all of the war, even though George 5th had died to be replaced by George 6th as the only change would have been "VI" to the hilt and blade, rather than "V".

image L74 2

The 32 3/8 inch blade is in overall good to very good condition, but some wear / marking as to be expected. Blade firm in the hilt, some small rust spots to the hilt. Grip overall good. Original sword knot and field service scabbard in good though aged and worn condition. The sword sheathes and draws well.

A nice example and to an important named officer. Please quote item reference L74 (1209). Further / full sized images available upon request.

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