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19/20C Century Sudanese Kaskara, Crocodile & Leather Scabbard, sold

In good condition, a well made Sudanese kaskara with high quality blade, the scabbard of leather and crocodile skin.

19/20C Century Sudanese Kaskara, Crocodile & Leather Scabbardimage L73 1

Sold Item Notice

There are kaskaras, and very good kaskaras; this is one of the later. The blade is a real fighting blade, good and strong, well made. The scabbard is leather with crocodile skin throat, suspension loops and chape. The blade with talismans (moon one side, star the other). This, like most Sudanese kaskaras, was a bring home war trophy, brought back by a British serviceman or other, after the Mahdist War.

image L73 2

The impressive 33 3/4 inch blade is firm in the hilt / grip. The grip / hilt in good condition, as is the scabbard. The sword sheathes and draws well. Complete with leather hanging strap and twisted tie cord.

You will not find many kaskaras as good as this, as complete as this and / or in such good condition as this. Grab it quick; (ooops, too late!). Please quote item reference L73 (1220). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image L73 3

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