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19C / 20C Fine Silver Jambiya from Oman / Saudi Arabia, sold

In very good condition, a fine, probably early 20C, 92%+ silver hilt (solid silver or thick plate) Omani / Saudi Jambiya.

image L62 1

Sold Item Notice

A very high quality Omani / Saudi jambiya, the silver work is superb. The grip is silver on horn. Very little wear / damaged. The 7 1/2 inch steel blade is firm in the grip. A great piece for only £650. Please quote item reference number L62 (1194). Full sized / further images available upon request.

92%+ Silver content result: We conducted a professional acid silver test on an obscure part of this Jambiya. The acid solution turned blood red, indicating 92%+ silver content, and stayed that colour, indicating the item (hilt) is either solid silver (in places, at least where we tested) or is very thick silver plating (see below for image of test).

image L62 early 20th Century Silver Jambiya Oman Saudi Arabia

image L62 2

image L62 3

image L62 4 silver test

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