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Napoleonic French An XI Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre, sold

Almost certainly a Waterloo battle trophy, this 100% authentic Napoleonic French An XI light cavalry sword is in very good overall condition.

Napoleonic / Waterloo French An XI Light Cavalry Trooper's Sabre / Swordimage L11 1

Sold Item Notice

First; we 100% guarantee this is an authentic Napoleonic French An XI light cavalry sword (NOT one of the many reproductions often sold as authentic elsewhere). This particular sabre has a date inscription of June 1813 to the blade's spine. The sword has the tell-tale fine grind line that says it was sharpened though has been since made safe. The blade is slightly bent for the last third, a sign it was involved in a fall. The bending could be easily corrected, but it is not too pronounced and we think adds to the sword.

The blade has the correct inspection marks (poinçons) for the date on the spine, and several markings to the hilt.

image L11 2

image L11 4

The 34 5/8 inch blade is in very good condition, some wear (scuffing) but not much, and is firm in the hilt. The date inscription is now feint, but the poinçons still clear. The hilt also good, as are the grip and the grip buttons. Browned (period chemically browned) steel scabbard very good. The sword sheathes and draws well though is tight when fully sheathed.

A well above average example. Please quote item number L11 (1194-3.847). Further / full sized images available upon request.

image L11 5

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